Junction S61 Szczuczyn

Integration of the existing devices located at the Szczuczyn junction

S61, Szczuczyn, Via Baltica, Poland

The task we undertook in 2020 was related to the design and construction of the S61 expressway, running from Ostrow Mazowiecka to the Augustow bypass.

This investment, which is extremely important for road transport, is part of the Via Baltica international transport corridor.

The aim of the construction works was to bring the Szczuczyn bypass to the S61 expressway standard.

The work undertaken by APM PRO included the construction of a fibre optic connection, together with the unblocking of the technological duct at the Szczuczyn junction. In addition, our tasks included the integration of the existing equipment located at the Szczuczyn junction. We carried out all the work on an already existing junction, in traffic.

Used technologies: FLIR, HIK.

Scope of work:

  • Variable Message Signs – 4 units,
  • prism signs – 8 units,
  • supporting structures for variable message signs – 12 units,
  • AID event detection points – 8 units,
  • TC traffic measurement stations – 2 units,
  • weather station,
  • remote pavement condition sensors LM – 2 units,
  • CCTV video surveillance points – 6 units,
  • CB transmitter,
  • collective hubs – 22 units,
  • WS core network nodes,
  • computer equipment,
  • delivery, installation, and commissioning of software for distributed modules of the Traffic Management System,
  • implementation of a fibre optic connection.

Implementation period: February 2020 – May 2020.


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