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APM PRO has many years of experience in modern solutions for weighing vehicles in traffic. We have created solutions which allow weighing vehicles at high speeds for a variety of purposes. We detect violations beyond the acceptable norms and provide data that helps to effectively protect infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) and increase the level of road safety.

Our solutions significantly contribute to reducing the degradation of road infrastructure, improves traffic flow and positively impacts safety by enabling the elimination of overloaded vehicles from traffic. The authorities controlling the vehicles can analyse the data provided by the system via a web browser or a mobile application. Anywhere, anytime – vehicle data is always available.

WIM Pro family solutions stand for measurement accuracy and reliability, even on multi-lane roads. The system can be integrated into other ITS systems.


    helps to protect life and health of the traffic participant


    extends its life and reduces operating costs


    fully automated solution does not require maintenance by supervisory staff (e.g. WITD)

WIM Pro 3.0 functions as:

Statistical system

The system provides detailed statistical data necessary for effective management of road infrastructure repairs. It is also an excellent source of data for planners.

Overload vehicle preselection system

The system enables vehicles to be preselected so that only those previously identified as overloaded are weighed on certified scales. Thus, WIM Pro improves the work of traffic enforcement services.

Direct ticketing system

WIM Pro is the most advanced and effective tool for road infrastructure protection. It runs continuously and does not require the involvement of enforcement services.The solution works automatically, without any impact on traffic flow.


The iWIM provides recording and processing of signals from wheel load sensors and induction loops. The recorder supports strain gauges, polymeric piezoelectric sensors, and inductive loops.

Depending on the configuration, the iWIM recorder provides:

  • measurement of vehicle parameters including vehicle weight, axle load, group axle detection, speed,

  • weighing accuracy: A(5), B+(7), B(10) acc. to COST323,

  • detection of the so-called correct passage
    (determination of the passage location),

  • vehicle classification according to EN 8+1 in class A1
    (other classification systems possible),

  • double tyre detection / tyre width measurement.


READINGS – this is the main part of the WIM Pro 3.0 system software, where vehicle data is presented in real time. Data from several stations with different technologies can be presented in one module. A set of filters selected individually by each operator allows viewing vehicles that meet the selected criteria. The standard configuration of the system allows selection according to many parameters such as permitted weight, category, and speed of vehicles. An automatic change of language settings based on browser configuration is possible.

STATISTICS – the module enables generation of statistics on traffic structure, weight and speed of vehicles divided into categories, as well as any other statistics according to
individual user needs.

DATA EXPORT – WIM PRO allows you to save data from the system to *.csv or *.xls files.

ADMINISTRATION PANEL – contains the tools to manage users and their privileges.

SERVICE NOTIFICATIONS – the fault reporting module integrated into the service software allows for direct reporting to the manufacturer’s service department of any irregularities or faults in functioning of the weighing station.

Technical specification

  • Detection of abnormal vehicles

  • Interface for mobile devices

  • Measurement of vehicle parameters including vehicle weight, axle load, group axle detection, speed

  • Detection of the incorrect passage

  • Measurement of vehicle dimensions

  • Weighing accuracy: A(5), B+(7), B(10) acc. to COST323

  • Vehicles classification acc. to EN 8+1 in the A1 class (other types of classification are available)

  • Configurable vehicle parameter limits according to local regulations

  • Possibility to integrate with other systems

  • Flexibility, adapting to individual customer or end-user needs

  • Linux system

  • 3D image of vehicles

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