Control PRO – Traffic Management Systems are integrated solutions from the Intelligent Transport Systems area. Implemented software allows to connect different detection, monitoring and control subsystems, thus creating a multimodal traffic management platform.

WIM PRO is a technologically advanced solution allowing weighing in motion, vehicle identification and inference regarding exceeding the allowed road norms. WIM allows an administrative weighing and a current and statistic traffic parameters evaluation.

OnDynamic – Multimodal Traffic Monitoring System – an intelligent architecture of sensors and specialized software, which guarantee computing large quantities of various and scattered traffic data. OnDynamic is 100% Polish product!

Meteo PRO systems are the high end devices used for measurement of meteorological parameters. They consist of masts with sensors placed alongside the road and mobile detector, which deliver the operators and road users data on the current weather conditions.

RedLight PRO is a non-invasive hardware-software solution allowing detection of vehicles which are entering an intersection on a red light. The system consists of cameras observing the emitted light signal and the vehicles going from and towards the cameras.

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