WIM Pro on S8 pt II

WIM Pro implemented on the Podlasie section of the S8 expressway

S8, Wrocław, Warsaw, Białystok, Poland

The S8 Wrocław-Warsaw-Bialystok expressway plays a key role for national and international transport, leading to the eastern border of the country, linking transit traffic from Poland to Belarus, via Lithuania to Scandinavian countries. In recent years, average daily annual traffic has increased to more than 20,000 vehicles per day, including truck traffic up 30 per cent compared to 2015.

In October 2020, APM PRO, as part of the task of providing maintenance and ongoing upkeep of ITS elements on roads in the area of Zambrow and Suwałki, performed the integration of ITS elements into one coherent system.

As part of the contract, we integrated the pre-selective vehicle weighing stations, weather stations, completed the fibre optic infrastructure and supplied the WIM Pro software.

The key challenge was to design and integrate multiple systems into a single, coherent system. We started the work during the pandemic, in adverse weather conditions and facing the particular challenge of a relatively short deadline for the project during the autumn/winter period.

APM PRO performs validation tests and calibrates the correct system parameters, which ensures that the developer continuously provides accurate data to the central database of the road administrator. Ongoing maintenance and keeping all the components of the system in constant working order and in good technical condition ensure the safe, comfortable passage of vehicles and influence the development of civilisation and improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of the north-east of Poland.

Technologies used: WIM Pro software, laser sensors.

Scope of the task:

  • Design, laying and connection of optical fibre,
  • Maintenance of the vehicle pre-selection system:
    • maintenance and upkeep of all system components,
    • continuous provision of data,
    • calibration and validation tests,
  • Maintenance:
    • 9 pre-selective vehicle weighing stations (on a total of 17 lanes),
    • 55 cameras,
    • 3 weather stations,
    • 32 variable message signs.

Implementation period: October 2020 – now.


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