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Announcement regarding coronavirus epidemic

Dear Sirs and Madams,

today’s reality affects, among other things, the activity of companies like ours and the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus makes it difficult for companies to work. Nevertheless, we assure you that we take all possible actions to guarantee continuity of supply and service. We make every effort to meet your requirements for standards of service and delivery under all circumstances.

To ensure safe working conditions for both our and your employees, we have taken the following measures:

  • we have suspended all domestic and international air travel until further notice,
  • we have cancelled all meetings, conferences and trade fairs until further notice,
  • we have suspended training and presentations until further notice (we suggest remote contact),
  • we continuously verify the continuity of the supply chain to make sure that the supply of goods is not interrupted, we are looking for alternative solutions,
  • many of our employees have switched to remote working, especially those who are in a higher risk group.

Although some of the actions taken may have some effect on our ability to react, we are fully operational and committed to meeting your needs. We expect that any disruption to our operations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be temporary and that normal business operation will resume once the threat is over.

We will keep you informed as the situation develops.

Thank you again for your confidence in APM PRO.
Cooperation with you is of great value to us.



INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam moves to 23 – 26 March 2021

As an exhibitor at Intertraffic Amsterdam, we welcome the precautionary measures taken by RAI Amsterdam given the growing risk of coronavirus epidemics. The Intertraffic trade fair was moved to March 2021. We are preparing information and materials that will allow you to get acquainted with our offer, without being exposed to unnecessary dangers.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to provide all the necessary information about the solutions offered.


Seminar The ITS POLSKA and the MZUiM Chorzów „INTEGRATED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN CHORZÓW” 20-21 February 2020 r., Chorzów

The ITS POLSKA association and the MZUIM Chorzów organized a seminar on 20-21 February 2020: “Integrated Traffic Management System in Chorzów”. The event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Chorzów, Andrzej Kotala.

The APM PRO company – professional partner of the seminar, held a presentation: “iWIM PRO Intelligent Weighing System for Vehicles in Motion”. Presenting only the most important things, we referred to the operating scheme and technical parameters of the system and direct and measurable benefits for the improvement of road safety and traffic management quality in the city of Chorzów and non-urban traffic.

Please contact us to learn more!

WIM PRO 2.0 in the Persian Gulf

The installation is located near the harbor on a new road section with several viaducts.

The WIM station consists of pressure sensors, cameras recognizing selected features of vehicles and variable message signs. The station is designed to serve up to 4 lanes in one direction, providing complete data on each passing vehicle. The system is equipped with WIM PRO 2.0 software, which can operate in automatic mode, adequately controlling the movement of vehicles violating accepted standards.

Excellent accuracy and stability is achieved thanks to the linear strain gauges from Intercomp.

Please contact us to learn more!

Passenger Information Displays in Gdańsk city centre

APM PRO in December installed and commissioned Passenger Information Displays in Gdańsk. The displays are located in a very important transport place for the city – near the Main Railway Station, which is particularly important for numerous tourists.

PIDs provide passengers with information about the actual waiting time and directions of public transport vehicles.

The supplied displays meet the highest European technical standards, e.g.: the displayed messages are perfectly visible in all weather conditions, even in full sunshine.

Please contact us to learn more!

Control PRO on the S8 expressway

In December, a consortium of APM PRO and Telway companies successfully completed the project on the S8 expressway section from Wieluń node to Łódź Południe node.

APM PRO as the leader of the consortium provided Control PRO software configured for the specific needs of this task.

The surface condition prediction module has been included in order to enable winter maintenance service to:

  • take action with appropriate advance,
  • increase the efficiency,
  • reduce the use of de-icing agents.

The contract also included:

  • construction of 10 meteorological stations,
  • PTZ cameras installation,
  • building of power and telecommunication connections,
  • software implementation.


Please contact us to learn more!

WIM PRO system is enriched with satellite communication

Achieving a sufficiently high quality of data transmission from preselection stations is a very big challenge today. Due to problems with the coverage of commercial WiFi or GSM networks, some locations require a unique approach. In such cases, satellite transmission is a perfect solution. A small satellite dish ensures high efficiency of transmitting and receiving packets with bandwidth of up to 30Mbps anywhere in Europe.

Advantages of satellite communication in WIM PRO stations:

  • A simple solution built in advanced technology;
  • High reliability and availability anywhere with the same quality;
  • Ease of management – the whole distributed network can be easily controlled;
  • Flexibility and scalability – the system can be adapted to different requirements for data transmission parameters.

Please contact us to learn more!


APM PRO new project: Mobile Variable Message Signs (M-VMS)

Mobile Variable Message Signs (M-VMS) is a road sign placed on the mobile platform, enabling the presentation of variable information messages.

The variable message sign is made using LED technology. Mobile Signs are used to draw the attention of drivers and other road users to specific, non-standard situations. Thanks to the unique optics, information messages emitted by M-VMS are visible even during bad weather conditions. Signs can emit information messages warning drivers of exceptional situations such as road conditions, construction works, obstacles, traffic jam and changes in the organization of traffic, speed limits, etc.


After the Intertraffic 2018

Thank you for visiting our booth during the Intertraffic 2018 fair.

I hope that presentation of our solutions met your expectations and will be a good start of a very fruitful cooperation.

Our company builds competence for over twenty years and has vast experience, also in the terms of working with foreign partners. We are open for new challenges!

If you are interested in our system or software or think that together we can perform a task, we would be glad to start a cooperation.

Please find in the enclosure a presentation about us and our capabilities.
Just click and download the PDF (ok. 115 MB)