The ”Transport Problems” scientific conference organised by the Faculty of Transport and Aeronautical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology was held from 27.06 to 01.07.2022. Tomasz Konior, representing APM PRO, was one of the participants.

The conference discussed important problems concerning transport, especially in cities. A large part of the issues presented during the conference was related to the development and modernisation of public transport, which can be interpreted as a trend set by the needs of large cities. The conference was, of course, an excellent opportunity to start a broad discussion on the future of transport. Issues relating to the protection of infrastructure against overloaded vehicles were also raised.

During the conference, Tomasz Konior presented the results of the iWIM Intelligent Vehicle Weighing System research project. The conference materials also included an article entitled: “NEW FUNCTIONALITIES OF THE WEIGH-IN-MOTION SYSTEM – iWIM SOLUTION”.

The solution developed by APM PRO and the research results presented met with interest and appreciation from the conference participants.

We recommend checking out our presentation published in the official “Transport Problems” conference channel on YouTube.

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On 9 June, the General Assembly of the Polish Economic Chamber of Road Construction (OIGD) was held in Kraków.

The President of the Chamber, Przemysław Klonowski, and the President of the Management Board of the Chamber, Barbara Dzieciuchowicz, thanked the companies associated with the OIGD, which, by sharing their knowledge and experience, actively participate in the work of substantive teams operating within the structures of the Chamber.

The representation of APM PRO is involved in the work of the Traffic Safety Team.

Particularly motivating is the fact that thanks to OIGD, the solutions worked out together can be systematically implemented and used to improve traffic safety standards in Poland.

Thanks to the joint initiative we are a significant partner for the Government Administration, local governments and other industry organisations.

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IX Krakowskie Dni Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego 2022

Krakow Road Safety Days took place once again. The event was held as part of a series of science-practice-business SPECIALIST CONFERENCES organised by Media – Pro Polskie Media Profesjonalne.

IX Krakowskie Dni Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego 2022

This is one of the most important meetings of the expert community of scientists and practitioners related to road safety in Poland.  Participants included representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Antonio Avenoso, Director of the European Transport Safety Bureau, representatives of GDDKiA, IBDiM, scientific centres and many other specialists. One of the most important elements of the conference was the debate on the state of Traffic Safety in Poland.

During the conference, Mr Leszek Kornalewski from IBDiM and Mr Aleksander Konior from APM PRO presented selected issues concerning the effectiveness of information transfer by means of variable message signs.

Photo: Media – Pro Polish Professional Media.

The presentation dealt with the issue of the effectiveness of conveying dynamic information, emitted by means of variable message signs intended for vehicle drivers. The expected result, which should be pursued, is in particular that each driver should see the complete content displayed on the VMS sign, understand the information transmitted and follow the recommendations.

The presentation delivered by Leszek Kornalewski, entitled: “The effectiveness of providing information on road traffic with the use of variable message signs”, can be downloaded below.

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On 16-17 May 2022, the Polish ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Congress was held in Warsaw.

The Congress is an opportunity to meet leading representatives of the industry, experts, practitioners and representatives of science and administration. The main issues discussed by the participants concerned ITS technologies in public transport, traffic management systems, image processing and analysis, weighing of vehicles in traffic and transport autonomation.

Artur Ryguła, PhD, the R&D manager of the iWIM project briefly presented the results of the research and development works carried out within the project. The presentation met with great interest on the part of representatives of public administration, especially due to the possibility of using the iWIM data recorder in automated systems.

As part of the exhibition accompanying the Congress, APM PRO presented the WIM Pro software and Control Pro. APM PRO was a silver sponsor of this event.

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We want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to visit our booth at the Intertraffic 2022 expo. The conversations were absorbing, and we hope they will lead to new projects.

After a four-year break, Intertraffic 2022 was reborn with a unique panache. The WIM Pro (Weigh-in-Motion) and Control Pro (Traffic Management) solutions presented at the stand were popular among visitors from over 50 countries.

The Control Pro software had a fantastic premiere during the Intertraffic 2022 exhibition. The visitors could see how the software works. Our agile team presented on-the-go how to manage traffic scenarios, and how the users can themselves configure the pictograms for the VMS, algorithms and many other functions that are important for traffic management.

Infrastructure protection against degradation from overloaded vehicles is a big challenge and an urgent need for many road administrations. The WIM PRO 3.0 solution with a new iWIM datalogger was met with a lot of interest from the visitors. The solution is available in different configurations, including one for direct ticketing.

You can watch an interview given by our team to the Intertraffic Daily News journalists here.

Our team will gladly answer any questions you might have. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

APM PRO will be present at the world’s leading traffic technology trade fair held in Amsterdam.
We will be at the stand number 02.328 (hall 2, Intelligent Transport Systems).

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20-ta Jubileuszowa Konferencja Telematyka Systemów Transportowych

Due to the extraordinary situation of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the “Telematics of Transport Systems” TST’20 conference was held remotely. On October 28-29, 2020, remote sessions were held by teleconference.

As the working language of the TST’20 conference is English, we have prepared our presentation in English.

APM PRO and University from Bielsko-Biała have been working together for years. At the TST20 conference, they presented a joint paper and presentation: “Assessment of Possibilities to Distinguish Vehicels on the Basis of Wheel Load Characteristics”.

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  • Paweł Piwowarczyk – APM PRO
  • Tomasz Konior – APM PRO
  • Artur Ryguła – ATH B-B

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To ensure safe working conditions for both our and your employees, we have taken the following measures:

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As an exhibitor at Intertraffic Amsterdam, we welcome the precautionary measures taken by RAI Amsterdam given the growing risk of coronavirus epidemics. The Intertraffic trade fair was moved to March 2021. We are preparing information and materials that will allow you to get acquainted with our offer, without being exposed to unnecessary dangers.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to provide all the necessary information about the solutions offered.


The ITS POLSKA association and the MZUIM Chorzów organized a seminar on 20-21 February 2020: “Integrated Traffic Management System in Chorzów”. The event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Chorzów, Andrzej Kotala.

The APM PRO company – professional partner of the seminar, held a presentation: “iWIM PRO Intelligent Weighing System for Vehicles in Motion”. Presenting only the most important things, we referred to the operating scheme and technical parameters of the system and direct and measurable benefits for the improvement of road safety and traffic management quality in the city of Chorzów and non-urban traffic.

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