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INTERTRAFFIC postponed to 2022

We would like to inform you that Intertraffic Amsterdam has been postponed once again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers published an official information on December 9th, 2020 stating that it is necessary to postpone the event for another year. The first official date, April 2020, was changed to March 2021 to be changed again […]

The 20th Jubilee Conference on Telematics of Transport Systems

Due to the extraordinary situation of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the “Telematics of Transport Systems” TST’20 conference was held remotely. On October 28-29, 2020, remote sessions were held by teleconference. As the working language of the TST’20 conference is English, we have prepared our presentation in English. APM PRO and University from Bielsko-Biała have been […]

Announcement regarding coronavirus epidemic

Dear Sirs and Madams, today’s reality affects, among other things, the activity of companies like ours and the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus makes it difficult for companies to work. Nevertheless, we assure you that we take all possible actions to guarantee continuity of supply and service. We make every effort to meet your requirements for […]

INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam moves to 23 – 26 March 2021

As an exhibitor at Intertraffic Amsterdam, we welcome the precautionary measures taken by RAI Amsterdam given the growing risk of coronavirus epidemics. The Intertraffic trade fair was moved to March 2021. We are preparing information and materials that will allow you to get acquainted with our offer, without being exposed to unnecessary dangers. Should you […]

Seminar The ITS POLSKA and the MZUiM Chorzów „INTEGRATED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN CHORZÓW” 20-21 February 2020 r., Chorzów

The ITS POLSKA association and the MZUIM Chorzów organized a seminar on 20-21 February 2020: “Integrated Traffic Management System in Chorzów”. The event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Chorzów, Andrzej Kotala. The APM PRO company – professional partner of the seminar, held a presentation: “iWIM PRO Intelligent Weighing System for Vehicles […]

WIM PRO 2.0 in the Persian Gulf

The installation is located near the harbor on a new road section with several viaducts. The WIM station consists of pressure sensors, cameras recognizing selected features of vehicles and variable message signs. The station is designed to serve up to 4 lanes in one direction, providing complete data on each passing vehicle. The system is […]

Passenger Information Displays in Gdańsk city centre

APM PRO in December installed and commissioned Passenger Information Displays in Gdańsk. The displays are located in a very important transport place for the city – near the Main Railway Station, which is particularly important for numerous tourists. PIDs provide passengers with information about the actual waiting time and directions of public transport vehicles. The […]

Control PRO on the S8 expressway

In December, a consortium of APM PRO and Telway companies successfully completed the project on the S8 expressway section from Wieluń node to Łódź Południe node. APM PRO as the leader of the consortium provided Control PRO software configured for the specific needs of this task. The surface condition prediction module has been included in […]

WIM PRO system is enriched with satellite communication

Achieving a sufficiently high quality of data transmission from preselection stations is a very big challenge today. Due to problems with the coverage of commercial WiFi or GSM networks, some locations require a unique approach. In such cases, satellite transmission is a perfect solution. A small satellite dish ensures high efficiency of transmitting and receiving […]

APM PRO new project: Mobile Variable Message Signs (M-VMS)

Mobile Variable Message Signs (M-VMS) is a road sign placed on the mobile platform, enabling the presentation of variable information messages. The variable message sign is made using LED technology. Mobile Signs are used to draw the attention of drivers and other road users to specific, non-standard situations. Thanks to the unique optics, information messages […]